Importing 3D printers from China

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03 Apr 2024
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03 Apr 2024
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The 3D printer market has seen exponential growth in recent years, driven by advances in technology and growing demand across a range of industries. Companies and individuals alike are recognising the potential of 3D printing technology to revolutionise traditional manufacturing processes and unlock opportunities in product design and prototyping. With a wide range of capabilities, from the creation of complex models to the production of functional parts, 3D printers offer versatile solutions for companies looking to streamline production through the introduction of rapid prototypes or even small batch production. China is one of the world's major producers of 3D printers thanks to which they offer a wide range of devices in different price ranges and purposes. However, importing 3D printers from China into the European Union requires knowledge of the subject, as there are important issues related to the documentation needed for import, customs clearance and transport itself.  

Customs duty and VAT on import of 3D printers

When importing 3D printers from China, there is a need to include customs duty and VAT in the cost. 3D printers are subject to a duty rate, which may vary depending on the classification of the goods. In addition, VAT must be taken into account, which is 23 % on the value of the goods and the cost of transport. In contrast, we have provided an example of customs duties for 3D printers below: 

Incremental manufacturing machines - By applying plastic or rubber ( 8485 20 00 00 ) -> 1.7 % 

Vacuum forming machines and other thermoforming machines (8477 40 00 00)-> 1.7 %

Printing machinery of a kind used for printing with plates, cylinders or other printing components of heading 8442; other printers, copying machines and telecopiers, whether or not combined; parts and accessories thereof ( 8443 99 90 00 ) -> 0% 

What are the requirements when importing 3D printers from China?

To import 3D printers from China, there are several requirements and procedures that need to be fulfilled. First of all, it is necessary to obtain the relevant documents, such as the commercial invoice and packing list. In addition, when clearing customs, the customs office will ask us to provide a CE certificate and a declaration of conformity. These documents will be necessary for the legal entry of equipment from China into the European Union market. 

How to transport 3D printers to Poland?

For transporting 3D printers to Poland, there are air, sea and rail transport options. Courier shipments from China are often offered by sellers on Chinese shopping portals. For single item purchases, air shipping will usually be the most cost-effective form of transport. For larger quantities, it is worth considering using rail transport, but also sea transport. 


The conclusion is that manufacturing companies who want to create their prototypes are also choosing to import 3D printers from China. However, they often do not have the right knowledge on how to import a 3D printer. Often, importers from China experience many difficulties with their first orders, which is why it is worth taking advice from specialists. If you are interested in step-by-step topics on importing from China, then join our newsletter.

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