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We are a group of experts who co-create a service about importing goods from China and the efficient use of sea, rail and air transport.

We share expert knowledge that has been tested in practice by operating in this market.

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Information service on importing goods from China and efficient transport by sea, air and rail provides the latest news, analysis and practical advice for importers and transport professionals. It provides up-to-date information on importing goods from China to various countries, trade analysis, trends and forecasts for Chinese exports.

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In terms of maritime transport, the service keeps track of the latest news on the maritime transport of goods from China. It reports on China's major ports, their connections to other parts of the world and new trends and innovations in the maritime transport sector. This keeps users of the service up to date with the most important shipping news.
In the area of air transport, the service provides current reports on air cargo transport from China. Users can access information about Chinese airlines, new routes and cargo services. In addition, the service provides information on customs regulations and procedures related to air transport.

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Get to know the whole transport process inside out 

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