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Discover how to effectively manage the import and export of goods using rail, sea and air transport. Stay on top of the latest trends, gain access to information on routes, services and logistics options. We offer you the tools to grow your business in the global marketplace. 

Practical knowledge of importing from China and transport by sea, rail and air

Build competitive advantages through the proven expertise of experts in China import, rail, sea and air transport. Stay one step ahead of the competition and gain market intelligence as quickly as possible.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at freight transport

The only service you need to delve into the world of sea, air and rail transport. Learn practical examples of how to do transport properly and where to find the most reliable partners.
24 Apr 2024
Reading time: < 1 minute

Circle transport in freight forwarding means that the price of transport is calculated assuming that the driver travels with the load to the designated place and returns empty. Whether the transport will be...

23 Apr 2024
Reading time: 7 minutes

The SDS Safety Data Sheet (formerly MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet) is a document containing information on the physical, chemical and toxicological properties of chemicals and...

23 Apr 2024
Reading time: 4 minutes

China has long held a leading position in the production and export of chemical products, providing a wide range of essential materials to industries around the world. The growing demand for Chinese...

20 Apr 2024
Reading time: 4 minutes

In order to successfully start importing products from China, we first need to consider what specific products we would like to start importing. There are many product categories that can be successfully...

17 Apr 2024
Reading time: 4 minutes

The transportation of goods is an integral part of the global economy, as millions of tonnes of cargo are transported by various modes of transport every day. However, despite the diligence in life as it is, a...

15 Apr 2024
Reading time: 2 minutes

SDR - is a special unit of account created by the International Monetary Fund. The value of the SDR is calculated on the basis of a currency basket of the world's major currencies and its exchange rate all...

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