What is Telex Release? Container collection in maritime transport

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01 Jul 2024
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01 Jul 2024
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Telex Release is a document that makes it possible to collect goods at the port. It releases the container and allows us to collect the cargo. With the Telex Release, we do not have to provide the original bill of lading to collect the cargo, which speeds up the collection process considerably and instead of waiting for the original to be delivered, which can take some time, all we need is the Telex and the cargo can be collected immediately. 

What does a Telex Release look like in practice? 

The company in the State of shipment, which is responsible for shipping the container when it receives the original bill of lading, can issue a Telex Release and so the consignee at the port of destination can receive the goods immediately.

This ensures that the original B/Ls are simply deposited at the port of shipment and there is no need to present the original at the port of destination, just a Telex is issued and the goods are released for collection. 

In addition to telex release, how do you pick up cargo at the port? 

Goods can also be released on presentation of a Bill of Lading ( B/L) or Sea Waybill ( a.k.a. Express Bill of Lading ) by the consignee. 

Why use telex release? 

With Telex Release, we do not have to provide the original bill of lading and, in addition, the document can be sent quickly electronically which makes the process of receiving the goods very easy.  

What is the difference between Telex Release and Express Release?  

In both cases, goods from the port can be collected immediately. 

The difference, on the other hand, is that Express B/L does not use the original B/L sea bill of lading and is not issued, unlike Telex Release where the original bill of lading is issued so that you get Telex Release. Express Release can only be used in certain cases.

Advantages of using Telex Release:

  • Faster receipt of goods at the port without the need to provide the original sea waybill (B/L)
  • The ability to send a document electronically, which streamlines circulation.
  • No risk of lost documents and related problems
  • Avoiding storage fees by quickly releasing a container
  • Releasing Agent / Shipping Company sends Telex Release to our freight forwarder 


Telex Release greatly assists importers and exporters in sea transport. It speeds up the time it takes to release goods and reduces the number of formalities on the part of the recipient. The electronic document circulation means that everything can be done much faster. 

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