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01 Dec 2023
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31 Oct 2023
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Importing furniture from China in has become a very popular practice in the furniture industry worldwide. Companies from different countries, both large and small, choose to import furniture from China because of the competitive prices and the variety of products on offer. Looking at the example of furniture giant IKEA, for example, we can conclude that importing furniture from China is very beneficial. This is mainly due to facts such as the competitiveness of the price range and the huge variety of products available on the market. In this article, we will take a closer look at furniture imports from China. 

What are the costs of transporting furniture from China to Poland?

Organising the transport of furniture from China to Poland can be complicated and requires proper planning. There are several options that can be considered depending on individual preferences and budget.

One option is to use companies that specialise in imports from China. Such companies handle all the transport arrangements, from collecting the goods from the supplier in China, loading and sea transport or railright up to the delivery of the furniture to its final destination in Poland. The benefit of using such services is the professional approach and the assurance of safe transportation of goods.

The cost of transporting furniture from China to Poland depends on several factors, such as the weight and volume of the goods, the distance between the place of production and the destination, and the chosen method of transport (sea, air or rail. ). In addition, the costs associated with customs clearance, which are an inherent part of importing goods, must be taken into account.

It is also worth bearing in mind possible additional charges, such as cargo insuranceThe costs of handling at terminals or storage costs. Therefore, before making a decision, it is worthwhile to carefully analyse all the costs associated with transportation of furniture from China to Poland and compare the offers of different companies in order to select the most favourable option.

To check the price of a particular shipment, it is worth contacting a shipping company that will organise the collection of goods from China for us. 

How do I find a reliable furniture supplier from China?

Choosing the right furniture supplier from China is crucial to the success of an import. There are many companies that offer their services, so it is useful to know how to find a reliable partner. The first step is to conduct a thorough research on the market. You can use online trading platforms such as 1688 or Alibaba to find potential suppliers.

Once you have selected the companies you would like to order from, it is worth ordering samples before placing an order for a larger batch. 

For example, before ordering a whole container of desks, it is worth ordering one piece first and then testing its quality. This will significantly reduce our risk of transshipment. 

Rail transport of containers from China
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Duty on furniture from China: 

When importing furniture from China to other countries, including Poland, there are customs regulations that impose duties on different types of furniture.

Wooden chair 0%

Plastic furniture 0%

Upholstered seats with frame 0%

Metal office desk 0%

Garden umbrellas 4.7%

Handmade rattan furniture 5.6%

Bamboo furniture 5.6%

Kitchen furniture 2.7%

Seating furniture, swivel, height adjustable 0%

Dentists' or barbers' chairs or parts thereof 0%

Wooden bedroom furniture 0%

Mattress supports 3.7%

Boxes 4%

Built-in kitchen furniture 2.7%

Accessories for furniture as decoration 6.5%

Wooden furniture parts 2.7%

Metal cabinets with doors 0%

Other metal furniture 0%

Wooden desk 0%

Metal cabinets with doors 0%

Wooden sofa 0%

In addition to customs duties, VAT of 23 % on the ordered goods must be paid. 

China furniture fair list: 

A very effective tool in establishing relationships with business partners is participation in international trade fairs. There are many events in China that focus on the furniture industry, and participation can be an excellent opportunity to expand business cooperation. 

Here are some of the major trade fairs in China focusing on furniture manufacturing:

  • China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou)
    • Location: Guangzhou, China Import & Export Fair Complex
    • Page:

Participation in such events not only enables you to gain knowledge about the latest trends in the furniture industry, but also provides an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with potential business partners, suppliers or customers. Trade fairs in China are not only a place to showcase the latest developments in furniture production, but also a platform for building strategic business relationships on an international scale.

What are the safety and quality requirements for importing furniture from China?

Importing furniture from China involves certain safety requirements that need to be met in order to bring products into the Polish market. One of the most important aspects is CE marking, which is mandatory for certain types of furniture. However, it applies to types of furniture that will contain electronic components. 

In addition, there are directives and regulations for upholstered furniture and mattresses. For these products, there is sometimes a requirement to meet certain fire safety standards. Regulations in Poland may differ from those in China, so it is important to check national legislation to ensure compliance with Polish standards. 

To ascertain whether imported furniture meets Polish quality standards, it is worth consulting an expert who can advise on the necessary requirements to be met. 

Are furniture imports from China having an impact on the Polish furniture market?

Furniture imports from China undoubtedly have an impact on the Polish furniture market. The increase in furniture imports from China in recent years has resulted in changes in the structure and competition in the domestic market. Chinese furniture is often cheaper than the products of Polish manufacturers, which attracts customers looking for more affordable prices.

However, it is worth noting that importing furniture from China not only involves lower costs, but also offers a wide choice of designs, styles and materials. Chinese furniture manufacturers are known for their innovation and modern design, which attracts customers looking for unique and attractive products.

The impact of Chinese furniture imports on the Polish market can also be analysed in terms of competition. Polish manufacturers have to compete not only with other domestic companies, but also with Chinese manufacturers who offer similar products at attractive prices. This forces Polish manufacturers to adapt to the changing market situation and take measures to remain competitive.

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