What to import from China in 2024 ? 150 + products

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20 Apr 2024
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20 Apr 2024
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In order to successfully start importing products from China, we first need to consider what specific products we would like to start importing. There are many product categories that can be successfully sold on the domestic market. It is advisable to do thorough research and find products that we can simply sell profitably. Sometimes these will be niche products that are not yet abundant on the Polish market, and sometimes they may be products that already exist, but our product will simply be better.

Below is a list of products worth importing in 2024. 

Products worth importing from China in 2024. 

Consumer electronics

(smartwatches, air purifiers, HDMI cables, adapters, car/bike holders, various types of chargers, remote controls, memory cards, powerbanks, radios, photo accessories 


( lighting fixtures, LED lights, bulbs, lanterns, chandeliers, LED strips, lights, garlands, room lights, garden lights, intelligent lighting, rope and rail systems, halogen lights, outdoor lighting, lamps of all kinds) 

Small Appliances

For the Kitchen

(cup blenders, hand blenders, saturators and attachments, electric kettles, coffee makers, water filters, deep fryers, waffle makers, electric grills, egg cookers, coffee makers, combi-brewers, ice cubes, slicers, meat mincers, hand mixers, mini ovens, electric grinders, multicookers and electric pots, pancake makers, toasters, steamers, food processors, juice extractors, milk frother, food dehydrators, food choppers and shredders, toasters, chocolate makers, hot dog makers, ice cream and yoghurt makers, popcorn makers, sous vide makers, candyfloss makers, kitchen scales, slow cookers, citrus extractors, slow juicers, breadmakers, sealing machines, parts and accessories.)


(clothes shavers, electric heaters, air conditioning and ventilation, sewing machines, humidifiers, air purifiers, hoovers, dehumidifiers, steam cleaners, steam mops, steam stations, clothes steamers, fan heaters, irons)


(depilatories, electric toothbrushes, shavers, curling irons, clippers, straighteners and crimpers, hair dryers, face brushes, trimmers, bathroom scales)


(sockets, switches 


(Beds, bedside tables, armchairs, desks, uszak chairs, chests of drawers, chairs, shelves, poufs, bookcases, coffee tables, tables, benches, rtv cabinets, stools, dressing tables, furniture accessories) 


(power generators, paving machines, power tool parts, routers, nailers and nail guns, vices, spanners, soldering irons, mixers, hammers, chisels and chisels, hammer drills, impact hammers, demolition hammers, pressure washers, hydraulic tools, multi-purpose tools, sheet metal shears, cutters and blades, hoovers, industrial hoovers, protective and work clothing, heat guns, tool organisation and storage, power tool accessories sharpeners, gas burners, saws and chainsaws, glue guns, foam guns, silicone guns, paint guns, polishers, tile cutters, measuring instruments, construction radios, welders, compressors, planers, pliers, shears, pincers, grinders, clamps, cleaning devices, winches, drills, drill bits, screwdrivers, jigsaws, screwdrivers and impact spanners, welding machines, tool kits, power tool kits, staplers and staples) 


( Production machinery, machinery used in construction, food processing machinery, gardening / agricultural machinery) 


( anti-stress, rocking toys, bouncers, baby, bath time, educational, figurines, party games, building blocks, dolls and accessories, DIY, mascots, military, art, puzzles, cars and vehicles, electronic toys, remote controlled toys, therapeutic toys, dexterity toys ) 


(collagen, face creams, eye creams, acids, chemical peels, masks, cleansing and make-up removal, facial oils, scrubs and scrubs, lip care, serums, toners, hydrolats, thermal waters) 

Garden furniture 

(Hanging chairs, hammocks, swings, chairs, loungers and recliners, benches and benches, garden beds, heating umbrellas, garden umbrellas and accessories, tables and chairs, tables and tables, garden dryers, garden cabinets and shelving, cushions, garden covers, garden boxes, furniture sets)

Textiles and fabrics


Bathroom fittings


Chargers for electric cars

3D printers

Door drives 

Car parts

What to watch out for when importing from China?

When we plan to import products from China, there are several aspects to pay particular attention to. Firstly, we need to be careful what products we import. It is better not to import products such as fakes, replicas or products with registered trademarks. Importing these types of articles is not legal and involves legal liability. We should also be wary of products which require a large number of certificates and documentation, and when importing such products, we must carefully check the documentation to ensure that we will be able to sell them legally in the European Union. Importing from China requires a great deal of knowledge in order to carry out everything safely and legally. It should be noted that China is a country located on the other side of the globe with a different culture, regulations, etc. For this reason, it is worth taking advice from specialists who are familiar with imports from the Middle Kingdom. If you would like to find out more, please see our other articles. 

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