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14 Jun 2024
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14 Jun 2024
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If you are doing business with China or would just like to start then you will face the challenge of sending money to Chinese counterparties. To send money to China there are many companies that allow you to transfer money. In this article, we will outline the most beneficial options along with the cost per transfer to China and no hidden fees. 


To send payments to China, we can use the Revolut app, which makes it very easy to send money to China. We can send payments in various currencies including USD and Chinese Yuan (CNY). The recipient receives the full amount. With Revolut's payment method, the exchange rates are very favourable, and are not too different from those at Google. 

Transfer fees: 25 zł / per transfer + above 7500 zł 0.6 % per transfer 

Transfer time: 1 day

Revolut offers its services on a monthly subscription basis

Basic plan: ( Revolut has 2 additional plans that are worth checking out - profitable for more transactions) 

Monthly cost: 50 PLN

As part of this plan, you can:

- Exchange 7500 PLN per month free of charge (everything above is charged at 0.6%)

- Send 10 free transfers per month to Poland in PLN and in EUR in SEPA and in GBP to the UK (all above PLN 1)

- Any transfer other than those described above - 25 PLN

Wise: 0.7 % per transfer 

We can also pay for transactions using the WISE app, which offers transfers to China. Wise's exchange rates are very favourable and only slightly different from those of Google. 

Transfer fees : 0.7% / per transfer

Transfer time: 1 day 

The fee for activating an account with WISE is PLN 210.

Commission: 0.35% per transfer and 0.35% for currency conversion

Traditional bank transfer 

We can also transfer funds to China via a traditional bank account using an overseas transfer. The bank offer varies from bank to bank and the cost of the transfer can range from 20 to around 100 zł. 

For this reason, it is worth checking the offer with your bank. 

Cost: from £20 to £100 

Transfer time: even a few working days

To send money to China, it is best to choose the fastest and cheapest option possible. We most recommend using Revolut or Wise. Money transfers are very fast and the fees are much lower compared to western union or paypal. Debit card payments are possible in the apps, so you can easily pay on sites such as alibaba. Setting up an account is fairly quick and verification should take around 2-3 days. To find out more about payment methods visit the manufacturers' websites. 

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