Importing goods from China through a courier service

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21 May 2024
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18 Jan 2024
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Modern international trade is becoming increasingly accessible, especially in terms of ordering goods from China. One popular delivery option offered by Chinese sellers is to use reputable courier companies such as DHL, FedEx or TNT. Nevertheless, it is worth considering the various aspects of this choice before deciding on this option.

Courier shipments from China are characterised by speed of delivery, a air transport allows you to receive your parcel in as little as 3-8 working days, although this time may vary depending on the courier company you choose. For parcels up to a weight of around 100kg, a courier company is an excellent choice, but for heavier loads it is worth consulting professionals who can help you find the best solution, including comparing offers from other airlines.

It is also worth noting that we offer the possibility to send goods from China via reputable courier companies such as DHL, TNT or FedEx. Our team will be happy to assist and advise you in this regard.

Customs clearance for courier deliveries

One of the key elements of courier shipments from China is customs clearance. Once the parcel is posted, the courier company will contact the customer to carry out this process. It is worth noting that the service customs clearance is often included in the cost of courier delivery. The procedure involves providing a translation of the invoice and providing information on the nature of the goods. The cargo will then be delivered directly to the customer's door after payment of customs and taxes.

The rail alternative to courier services

An alternative worth considering is also rail transport from China. Although the delivery time is slightly longer (approximately 14-22 days), this option often proves to be more cost-effective than air freight. If you are interested in courier delivery or rail transport, we encourage you to contact our team, who will be happy to carry out a quote and help you find the best solution for your needs. The final choice of delivery method should take into account each customer's individual preferences and expectations.

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