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21 May 2024
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31 Oct 2023
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The Chinese market is a place with a huge number of consumers, and for this reason the number of manufacturers of all kinds, including tool manufacturers, is truly enormous. If you walk into a DIY store, you will easily find a mass of tools that come from China. All because of the very good prices and quality that Chinese manufacturers offer.  

How do I find a trusted tool supplier from China?

To find a trusted supplier of tools from China, it is advisable to use popular trading portals such as Alibaba or 1688. These platforms offer a wide range of products from different sellers, allowing you to find the tools you are interested in at attractive prices.

However, if you prefer more personal contact and want to establish lasting business relationships, it is worth considering attending power tool trade shows held in China. At such events, for example the China Hardware Fair, Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology or the China International Machine Tool Show, you have the opportunity to meet many tool manufacturers and suppliers. This is a great opportunity to network and find a trusted contractor who is ready for a long-term relationship.

Requirements for importing tools from China into Poland

When importing tools from China to Poland, it is important to bear in mind the need to comply with European regulations on the introduction of products from outside the European Union into the European market. To ensure the safety of consumers and the environment, imported tools must meet certain standards and requirements.

In order to be able to market tools in Poland, it is necessary to draw up an EC declaration and affix the CE marking to the equipment. The EC declaration is a document confirming the product's compliance with the requirements of the New Approach Directives. The CE marking, on the other hand, indicates that the tool in question meets safety and quality requirements.

Once the product has been tested, a detailed test report, known as a 'test report', is produced. This document enables the certification body to issue a CE certificate of conformity. Having both of these documents allows the manufacturer to finalise the process by issuing a declaration of conformity and marking the products with the CE symbol

For power tools, there are also specific directives such as LVD (Low Voltage Directive), EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive) and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive). The LVD specifies the requirements for equipment operating within the voltage range of 50 to 1000 volts AC or 75 to 1500 volts DC. The EMC Directive, meanwhile, regulates the immunity of equipment to electromagnetic fields and its ability to emit interference. The RoHS Directive sets out rules on the content of harmful substances in electrical equipment.

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Tariff rates for tools imported from China

When importing tools from China into Poland, it is important to bear in mind the obligation to pay customs duty on these products. Customs duty is a special tax levied by the state when goods are transported across the border. The amount of customs duty is determined on the basis of customs tariffs, which can be consulted in the Integrated Customs Tariff Information System (ISZTAR).

Below is a list of tariffs for specific products: 

  • 3.7% - vices and clamps. As can easily be seen from the examples above, the duty rates for these types of products are quite low.
  • 2.7% - soldering lamps; hammers, numerically controlled; cantilever and numerically controlled milling machines; grinding, honing or polishing machines;
  • 1.7% - shovels and shovels; hoes, picks, grabs and rakes; axes, hatchets and similar chopping tools; secateurs and similar one-handed pruning shears and other one-handed pruning shears; hedge shears, two-handed pruning shears and similar two-handed pruning shears; handsaws; files, saw blades and other such tools; metal shears and similar tools;

Tool fair in China - a networking opportunity

China hosts a number of trade fairs dedicated to the tool industry, which provide an excellent opportunity for business contacts. One of the most important events of this type is China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Cantonese Fair. This is a multi-industry trade fair that exhibits not only tools, but also electronics, home appliances, lighting equipment and many other products. The Canton Fair attracts importers from all over the world, as well as numerous vendors. As a result, they have great potential for making new business contacts.

Another important event for the tool industry is the China International Machine Tool Show. This trade fair focuses mainly on industrial machine tools, such as metal cutting tools and production equipment. It is an excellent opportunity for tool importers to learn about the wide range of products on offer and to establish contacts with manufacturers.

Other important tool trade fairs include China International Machine Tool Exhibition. At this fair, visitors can learn about different types of tools, such as metal cutting machines and sheet metal cutting tools. This event attracts both suppliers and interested importers. As a result, many new business contacts can be made.

Attending a tool fair in China provides an excellent opportunity for importers to make new business contacts. The fair brings together manufacturers and suppliers from all over the country, allowing you to see a wide range of tools in one place. Attending the fair also gives you the opportunity to meet directly with potential suppliers, making it easier to establish partnerships. It is therefore worth considering attending a tool fair in China if you plan to import tools from that country.

Where are tools manufactured in China?

The Chinese regions of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shandong are the main centres of tool manufacturing in China. These regions are home to many factories specialising in the production of various types of tools, such as garden, construction and agricultural tools. By choosing suppliers from these regions, importers can count on high quality products and competitive prices.

Zhejiang and Jiangsu are particularly well-known for the production of power tools and hand tools. These regions are home to a number of companies specialising in the production of high-quality tools, which are highly regarded on the international market. Guangdong and Shandong are also important for the tool industry in China. These regions are home to factories producing various types of tools such as saws, hammers and spanners.

Importing tools from China is becoming increasingly popular on the Polish market. Entrepreneurs appreciate the high quality of Chinese tools and attractive prices. By importing tools from China, it is possible to source high-quality products without incurring high costs. Therefore, more and more companies are choosing to import tools from the Middle Kingdom, especially from the Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shandong regions.

How to transport goods from China?

Rail transport

Maritime transport

Air transport

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