Rail transport from China and war in Ukraine 2023. - latest update

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01 Dec 2023
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07 Jun 2023
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The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is well underway and does not look set to end any time soon. We would like to look at this conflict from the perspective of transporting rail freight from China. 

Rail traffic fell sharply at the beginning of the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, as time passed, the situation started to stabilise and importers got back on track. 

It is worth noting here that one route through Ukraine has been closed since the beginning of the war, while all other routes not passing through Ukrainian territory have continued to operate since the beginning of the war. 

Below is a map of how transport routes from China work: 

Is rail transport from China via Russia safe? 

Rail transport from China to Europe in all cases runs through Russian territory. Since the beginning of the war, the cargoes have been arriving safely and there have been no alarming signs throughout the conflict. We can confidently say that everything is going well. 

Rail transport of containers from China
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Insurance in transport from China via Russia ? 

Many people wonder what the case is for cargo insurance in transport railways. Insurance does not cover damage caused by hostilities. However, it should be remembered that hostilities are taking place in Ukraine and not on Russian territory. Since the beginning of the war, the market has not recorded damage caused by hostilities. It is also worth noting that the railway routes run at safe distances from the ongoing conflict. Of course, standard mechanical damage will normally be dealt with by insurance companies.


Rail transport from China is crucial in the supply chain of many companies. It provides a much faster alternative to sea transport. Price-wise, it is more expensive compared to sea transport, but maintaining fast delivery of goods is crucial to the operation of many businesses. For this reason, despite the continuing conflict, it is worth considering rail transport. The transport time from terminal to terminal can be really fast, ranging from around 14 to 22 days. 

What are the alternatives to rail transport from China?

Maritime transport

Air transport

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