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01 Dec 2023
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21 Nov 2023
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Thailand is one of Asia's largest economies. According to 2021 export data from Thailand, the country's exports were worth approximately US$293.68 billion. Thailand ranked 23rd in the list of the world's largest exporters. According to WTO reports, Thailand is the 24th largest economy in the world.

Thailand's main export products

In 2021, according to Thailand's export statistics, the top 10 exported goods are: Electronics (14,59%), Equipment, Electrical Machinery (12,90%), Vehicles and Parts (10,86%), Rubber (6,55%), Plastics (5,09%), Pearls, Precious Stones and Metals (3,29%), Mineral Oils and Fuels (3,22%), Cashew Nuts (2,07%), Meats/Fish (2,03%) and Chemicals (1,83%).

Based on Thailand's export data, Thailand's top 10 export products accounted for an export value of US$184 billion, representing a 62.43% share of total exports.

Thailand's current and projected GDP 1988-2028

Sea transport from Thailand to Poland 

The most popular mode of transport from Thailand is by sea. All because of the most favourable price and high load capacity. We have the option of shipping full FCL containers: 20DV, 40 DV, 40 HC and smaller LCL general cargo. It is also possible to send small consignments. Then such cargo is consolidated with several shippers and shipped in one container. 

How long does it take to transport by sea from Thailand to Poland ? 

Shipping by sea from Thailand takes between 39 and 59 days depending on the service you choose.

Air transport from Thailand to Poland 

Air transport from Thailand is the fastest way to transport goods, but also the most expensive. Transport time ranges from 2 to 9 days depending on the service we choose. The cost of transport is calculated in kg, the more kg of cargo we send, the lower the price.  

Air transport rates are calculated per kilogram of cargo. However, there are occasions when cargo weighs very little and takes up a lot of space by volume. For this reason, airlines have adopted the principle of calculating payable weight and actual weight. If the weight of the cargo on 1 CBM exceeds 167 kg, the actual weight, i.e. how much the cargo actually weighs, is used. However, if, for example, the cargo weighs 100 kg and occupies 1 CBM, the weight will not be calculated from the actual weight, but from the payable weight, i.e. we will pay for 167 kg.  

In air transport, the larger the cargo we send, the better the rates we can count on. The rate per kilo of cargo when shipping 1,000 kg will be much lower than when shipping 100 kg. 

Rail transport from Thailand to Poland 

Rail transport offers an alternative to conventional means of transporting goods from Thailand to Poland. Despite the lack of direct rail links between the two countries, there is an interesting option for transporting goods to China, for example to Chongqing, from where there are direct goods trains to Europe. This form of transport can be advantageous for entrepreneurs who wish to benefit from the advantages of rail transport, such as reduced delivery times compared to sea transport and lower costs compared to air transport.

Organising rail transport from Thailand to Poland can be somewhat more logistically complex than traditional modes of transport. Nevertheless, many transport companies offer comprehensive logistics services and can assist in organising this type of transport. Entrepreneurs should also take into account the time needed to transship goods in China and possible delays due to various factors, such as weather conditions or the load on rail terminals. Despite these issues, rail transport can be an attractive option for entrepreneurs looking for alternative transport solutions from Thailand to Poland.

How long does it take to get from Thailand to Poland by rail? 

The duration of rail transport from Thailand to Poland ranges from 14 to 27 days, depending on the date of shipment and the selected transport service.

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