Consolidation of goods in China

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01 Dec 2023
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11 Jun 2023
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What is shipment consolidation? 

When importing goods from China, it is often the case that the goods ordered come from different manufacturers. This is quite problematic, because if each manufacturer shipped the goods independently, it would be very uneconomical in terms of costs. This is where the consolidation solution comes in, where goods from different manufacturers are collected in one place and shipped as one load. This practice is common on the market. Consolidation of goods is possible with shipments by sea, air and rail. Consolidated goods can start from single pieces and small consignments. The goods will be delivered in one load. 

Quality control 

When the goods arrive at the company's consolidation warehouse there is an opportunity to check the quality of the goods. Often such warehouses can send us a lot of detailed pictures of the goods, which will help to check if everything is correct. This will save some money, certain things can be detected at such a consolidation warehouse, so that the cargo can still be sent back in China. The same tactic can be used with samples of goods, several shippers can send samples to our trusted contact at the consolidation warehouse. After sending detailed photos, it will already be possible to decide at this stage whether to send the samples on to Poland. It sometimes happens that warehouses provide additional services such as labelling the goods or repacking them into other packaging or adding instructions to the product. It is worth cooperating with a company that approaches the subject quite flexibly from the very beginning. 

This solution also ensures a shorter introduction time for new products. Testing new products does not take as long with this method and we can stay one step ahead of the competition. Many companies have their own warehouses where the consolidation of goods takes place. 

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Customs clearance: 

Consolidation of shipments involves the need to do customs clearance import and export. In the case where our cargo is consolidated from 15 shippers, this may pose a minor problem. In such a case, we should make 15 customs clearances. The cost of one such clearance is approximately USD 50-60. However, some importers choose to have one invoice issued by the consolidating warehouse or one of the shippers. As a result, only one customs clearance is needed once the goods arrive in Poland. The approach to commercial invoices in China is not as restrictive as in Poland. 

If you have more questions please contact us ! In our other posts you will soon find information on how to start importing from China and what products are imported from China. 

Advantages of using commodity consolidation:

  • Transporting one consolidated load will come out cheaper than sending several loads separately. 
  • Avoiding multiple import and export customs clearances 
  • Possibility of issuing a single summary invoice for all goods 
  • Possibility to check the quality of the goods before final dispatch to Poland
  • Possibility ordering samples from multiple manufacturers and one common shipment 
  • Additional product labelling if required
  • Possibility to repack / repackage the product or add Polish instructions if necessary 
  • Faster cargo delivery times, cargo can go from far-flung Chinese cities to a single location in quick time. 

Transport when consolidating goods from China:

When deciding to consolidate in the next stage, we will have to choose the means of transport we will use to transport the goods. There are 3 types of transport from China, you will find more information in the links below:

Rail transport

Maritime transport

Air transport

Purchasing agent: 

It is often the case that goods consolidation services in China are provided by a purchasing agent who, for a fee, helps to purchase goods in the local market. He orders goods from a number of manufacturers into his warehouse and issues a consolidation invoice for everything. With this solution, the only thing left to do is to collect the goods from the logistics company, which carries out the transport for us. 

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