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21 May 2024
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30 Apr 2024
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Air transport z Polski do Arabii Saudyjskiej jest najszybszym sposobem dostawy ładunków cargo. Arabia Saudyjska posiada chłonny rynek na polskie produkty. Jest to kraj, który główny zysk czerpie z ropy naftowej. Duże pokłady tego surowca napędzają wiele innych sektorów gospodarki. 

How long does it take to transport goods to Saudi Arabia? 

Transport from Saudi Arabia is one of the destinations where quite a large number of connections fly. The transit time will range from 2 to 9 days. There are different services available on the market and transit times will vary.

How much does it cost to export to Saudi Arabia? 

The price of transporting a parcel by air will very much depend on the size of the cargo and the service we choose. Prices for exporting goods by air are very fluid and the time at which we order airfreight plays an important role. If you are an exporter or importer, please fill in the form for an up-to-date quote. 

What goods must not be transported by air? 

→ gases and dangerous goods 

→ batteries are subject to special restrictions

→ certain chemicals

Largest airports in Saudi Arabia 

The largest airports in Saudi Arabia are:

  1. Dammam King Fahd Airport (DMM) - Located on the east coast of Saudi Arabia, it is the country's largest airport in terms of passengers handled annually.
  2. King Abdulaziz Jeddah Airport (JED) - This is one of the country's most important airports, located in Saudi Arabia's second largest city, Jeddah.
  3. Riyadh King Khalid Airport (RUH) - Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, is served by this major airport, which is an important regional hub.

Alternatives to air transport to Saudi Arabia 

Alternatywą dla spedycji lotniczej jest maritime transport. Jest to najpopularniejsza metoda transportu produktów do Arabii Saudyjskiej. Wszystko ze względu na dużą ładowność oraz korzystną cenę. Czas wysyłki drogą morską to od 17 do 49 dni - rozbieżności wynikają z trasy i serwisu, który wybierzemy. Najszybsze serwisy już po 17 dniach docierają z portu w Gdańsku do portu w Arabii. 

Another alternative is road transport. In this case, we can find a transport service that goes towards Arabia with our exports and on the way back takes the import of the goods in question to Poland. Some companies may offer this type of service. Transport by road, unfortunately, will not be among the cheapest due to the long distance connecting Poland and Arabia. 


As a logistics partner, we will handle sea, air and road freight. We handle shipments from A to Z, including clearance, assistance with documentation, etc. Contact us for a quote on transport to Saudi Arabia. Check out our offer ! 

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