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21 May 2024
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02 Nov 2023
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China is a huge potentate of various types of machinery from simple to highly complex production lines. Machinery from China is gaining global popularity thanks to its excellent quality and attractive prices. Their quality is often on a par with that of the European market, with the financial advantage of a price that is less than half that. Particularly for investments of significant amounts, the savings become impressive, especially in the context of specialised machines with prices of up to a million dollars or more.

The challenge of importing machinery is not only choosing the right equipment, but also issues of paperwork. Ensuring that they meet all required standards and procedures becomes crucial. Additionally, the logistical aspects, including transport, and customs issues that govern the machinery import process are important. In this article, we will address these issues. 

What are the costs of transporting a machine from China to Poland?

Regarding the price of shipping from China, currently as of November 2023, the maritime rate index from China is USD 1,200 per 40 HC container. This is the price of the freight alone, and local costs in China, delivery costs in Poland and all the baskets must be added. customs clearance. For an accurate quote, it is best to contact a shipping company that organises transport from China and will provide an A to Z quote. There is also the possibility of rail transport or aviation from China. If, for example, it is some smaller machine then it is enough to buy a few CBMs, i.e. a few m3 of container space. 

The 40 HC container has dimensions of 12 m length / 2.7 m height and 2.35 m width. 

Rail transport of containers from China
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How do you find a reliable supplier of machinery from China?

The first way is to search online sites such as Alibaba or 1688, where you will find companies that offer a range of all kinds of different machines. However, it is worthwhile when choosing also to use a specialised company that can ensure the security of the transaction. The purchase of machinery is usually associated with the expenditure of large sums of money. It is important that the factory has been checked for reliability beforehand so as to avoid the risk of dishonest sellers.  

Duty on machinery from China: 

Laser machine tools - duty rate 4.5%

Punching machines - plastics, metal - rate 3.5%

Mask making machines - duty 1.7%

Wire rope cutting and annealing machines - rate 1, duty 7%

Printing machines, e.g. rotary die-cutting machines - duty rate 1.7%

Machinery for assembling fabric pins - duty rate 3.7%

Metalworking machinery - Duty rate 2.7%

Combination scales for packaging - duty rate 1.7%

Plastic bag sealers - duty rate 2.2%

Cutting and winding machines (slicers, winders) - duty rate 1.7%

Machinery for working rubber or plastics, e.g. injection moulding machines - duty rate 1.7%

Bookbinding machinery, e.g. fusing and positioning machine - duty rate 1.7%

Plastic extruders - duty rate 1.7%

Rod bending and cutting machines - duty rate 1.7%

Hydraulic presses for oil extrusion - duty rate 1.7%

Machines for the production of wood wool - duty rate 1.7%

Electric seed roasters - duty rate 2.7%

Oilseed crushers - duty rate 1.7%

Lathes - Duty rate 2.7%

Milling plotters, CNC milling machines, boring and milling machines - duty rate 2.7%

Grinding machines, e.g. grinding machines for bottoms and tanks - duty rate 1.7%

What are the safety and quality requirements for importing machinery from China?

When importing a machine from China, it is very important to check that it has the correct documentation and meets the standards and regulations so that it can be approved for marketing in the EU. 

When it comes to importing machinery into Europe, two key pieces of legislation underpin the safe marketing of products: the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

The main criterion for successful verification of machines is obtaining CE certification. Once a machine has passed tests of conformity with European standards, it is certified, allowing it to be legally placed on the European market. In addition, the manufacturer is obliged to issue a declaration of conformity, clearly stating compliance with the specified directive and standards.

However, the importer should be vigilant, as some manufacturers may falsify CE markings. It is therefore essential to carefully check all required regulations and verify the authenticity of the declaration of conformity before importing. Failure to have the correct marking, certificate or declaration can result not only in the refusal of customs clearance, but also in the confiscation and destruction of the machine. The costs associated with disposal are considerable and may exceed the value of the machine itself.

The Machinery Directive also makes it compulsory to display a rating plate on the machine. It is from this that we find out the manufacturer, machine series or serial number, as well as the permanently affixed CE marking.

By ensuring compliance with EU requirements at the import stage, we avoid potential problems related to customs and tax inspections and costly disposal procedures. Remember that importing machinery is not only a business issue, but also a responsibility to ensure that the product complies with applicable standards and Community law. Attention to procedures and documentation is the key to a successful import transaction.

How to transport goods from China?

Rail transport

Maritime transport

Air transport

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