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21 May 2024
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26 Feb 2024
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Economic cooperation between Poland and Turkey is an important pillar of trade relations between the two countries, where an analysis of the current import and export dynamics highlights the growing importance of this partnership. Located at the meeting point of two continents, Turkey plays a key role as a strategic trade centre, opening up numerous business opportunities for Polish companies.

Turkey's economy is experiencing impressive growth, as confirmed by economic data, recognising its importance on the world stage. Turkey has maintained stable economic development in recent years, with macroeconomic indicators attesting to its attractiveness to investors. In 2022, the country's GDP exceeded $800 billion, underlining the dynamic nature of the Turkish economy.

Turkey's economy is based on diverse sectors including industry, services, tourism and agriculture, with the construction sector playing an important role in the development of the country's infrastructure. Turkey is also a key producer of agricultural food products in the region.

It is noteworthy that Turkey is taking advantage of its unique geographical location by becoming a bridge between Europe and Asia, which is conducive to international trade. A developed transport infrastructure, including sea and air trade routes, enables the efficient exchange of goods.

Analysing the current opportunities, Polish companies find in Turkey an attractive trade partner. Further development of cooperation may be based on mutual benefits, resulting from the economic diversity of both countries and the dynamic nature of the Turkish market. In the context of current economic trends, the prospects for further trade development between Poland and Turkey appear promising.

Sea transport from and to Turkey

Maritime transport is a key component of the Turkish economy, playing an important role in international trade by sea. Seaports such as Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin perform a key function in the area of logistics and trade, enabling the efficient transport of cargo by sea. Thanks to its extensive port and terminal infrastructure, Turkey is able to efficiently handle large volumes of seaborne cargo, making it an attractive trading partner for many countries, Poland being one of them. Increased development of the sector marine in Turkey is not only an important part of the local economy, but also opens up prospects for international companies, encouraging active participation in the growing trade with this dynamic country by sea. This dynamic trade positions Turkey as a key player in the context of seaborne freight, especially for destinations in the Middle East, the European Union and other destinations. Due to its strategic location, Turkey is a major freight hub and its developed transport infrastructure enables the efficient delivery of goods to their final destinations in the region by sea. We are able to adapt to market requirements, enabling us to effectively meet the needs of dynamic maritime trade.

Sea transport from Turkey to Poland

Sea transport from Turkey to Poland usually takes between 25 and 30 days, covering the process of loading in Turkish ports, sailing by sea vessels to safe unloading in Polish ports. Which are a key element in trade between Turkey and Poland by sea.

Sea transport from Poland to Turkey

Sea transport from Poland to Turkey takes approximately 18-25 days. This is a very average time and depends very much on the shipowner and service we choose. If you would like to know more about these routes, the Middle East or the European Union, please contact us.

Air transport from and to Turkey 

Air cargo transport plays a key role in increasing international trade with Turkey. Advantages of transport aviationsuch as the speed and efficiency of shipments, enable the rapid transportation of goods both from Turkey to various corners of the world and from other countries to Turkey. Companies specialising in air cargo transport from Turkey offer comprehensive logistics solutions, ensuring the safe and timely transportation of cargo to airlines. This mode of transport makes it possible to reduce delivery times, significantly optimising the supply chain while increasing the competitiveness of companies.

It is noteworthy that the transport of goods to Turkey via air consignments is an efficient method of rapid delivery to the Turkish market. The strategic location of Turkey's airports favours air cargo transport, opening up new opportunities for international trade. As a result, businesses can benefit from dynamic trade flows and customers gain access to a variety of goods at a rapid pace, accelerating economic development and strengthening Turkey's position in the global trade arena.

Rail transport from Turkey

Rail transport plays an important role in shaping economic cooperation between Poland and Turkey. Both Poland, which is an important railway hub in Europe, and Turkey, which is developing its railway infrastructure, see this mode of transport as an effective way to exchange goods efficiently. The growing network of rail links between the two countries enables the fast and safe transport of goods over considerable distances. For Polish and Turkish companies, rail transport is becoming an attractive alternative, allowing them to shorten delivery times and minimise logistics costs. The development of this form of transport between Poland and Turkey may therefore contribute to a further increase in trade and the strengthening of economic ties between the two dynamically developing countries. Transport time rail from Turkey to Poland depends on the service we choose. Contact us for more information on this topic.

Road transport from and to Turkey 

Road transport from Turkey is a key component of global trade logistics, enabling the efficient movement of goods on a large scale. Turkey's developed road network, including motorways and national roads, provides a solid foundation for road transport. Using this infrastructure, Turkish companies are able to deliver their products not only domestically, but also to international markets, including Poland. Road transport from Turkey to Poland provides flexibility, enabling the rapid transportation of goods tailored to individual business needs. It is an efficient and dynamic solution that supports the development of trade between the two countries, while also playing a key role in meeting the markets' growing demand for mobility and availability of goods.

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