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29 Mar 2024
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29 Mar 2024
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Iceland is an island in the North Atlantic and is one of the most fascinating and unique places in the world. However, it is not only its natural beauty but also its economic development that makes the country one of the most interesting places to do business. In this context, transport is a key element for the development of trade and exports to Iceland. For European Union countries, and especially Poland, it is an interesting option for exporting products. 

Poland and Iceland have a thriving trade relationship, and Polish exports are very popular on the Icelandic market. Thanks to its strategic location with access to the sea, Poland is an important hub for sea, air and road transport, enabling the efficient delivery of goods to Iceland. Thanks to well-developed logistics networks, Polish exporters can. The transport infrastructure connecting Poland and Iceland not only supports the export of goods, but also fosters economic growth and strengthens bilateral trade relations between the two nations. 

Sea transport to Iceland

Iceland, due to its geographical location, depends on maritime transport, which plays a key role in bringing goods to the island. Maritime transport in Iceland not only offers the opportunity to import and export goods, but also provides a link to other countries via the sea. There is an extensive network of ports on the island that handle both containers and other types of cargo. 

Transport time from the port of Gdansk to Iceland is from 15 to 20 days. All depending on the shipowner we choose. Popular shipowners such as CMA, MSC, MAERSK, Evergreen, Hapag-Lloyd, OOCL, One-Line etc. sail on the route. 

Standard sea freight is loaded into 40 HC, 40 DV, 20 DV and 40RF containers if we are talking about temperature-controlled goods. It is also possible to ship cargo with

The transport of bulky and heavier loads is carried out on 20 FT and 40 FT platforms. 

The dimensions of all containers can be found in our other article. 

Air transport to Iceland

Air transport from Poland to Iceland is primarily the fastest means of transport, but also the most expensive. Transport time is approximately 2-4 working days. The flight itself is, of course, much quicker, but with all the procedures with delivery and collection of the goods by the customer, we more or less have to secure such a time slot. 

On the W routeWarsaw --> Reykjavik Airlines such as Lufthansa, DHL, Iceland AIR, Finnair, Open AIR and others fly. 

In the case of air transport, the price discrepancies can be quite large and will depend on the airline we choose and the cargo we want to send. In the case of heavier cargo, the price per unit kilogram of cargo shipped will be lower. If you would like a detailed quote, please contact us! 

Road transport to Iceland

In the case of freight transport by road, it should be noted that this option is very rarely used due to the high costs. In order for a truck to get to Iceland by ferry, it must first reach Denmark, from where ferries to the island run once a week. In practice, the role of road transport to Iceland is quite small due to the unprofitability of this method. A much more favourable option is to use sea transport, which also allows large volumes to be transported.

If you are interested in exporting goods to Iceland contact us and find out more. We transport cargo from all over the world! If you are shipping cargo and happen to use sea, rail or air transport then check out our other articles.  

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