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21 May 2024
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09 May 2024
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Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. It owes its wealth to its vast oil and natural gas deposits. Qatar's GDP in 2021, according to the World Bank, was USD 179.6 billion. - with a population of approximately 2.7 MILLION inhabitants, slightly more than that of Warsaw itself. This is an impressive result, especially when it comes to per capita GDP, which is USD 66,838. 

Although Qatar's economy is mainly based on raw materials, the country's rulers are aware of the need to develop other sectors as well. For this reason, the service sector - fuelled by capital from the sale of raw materials - is growing rapidly. In the national economy, industry accounts for 60% of the GDP structure, services for 44.8% and agriculture for 0.3%.

The most frequently imported goods include industrial machinery (with a share of 17.6% of imports), electrical equipment (accounting for 9.52%) and motor vehicles and parts (worth 6.82%). Also among the frequently imported goods are precious stones and metals (4.81% of imports), iron and steel articles (4.11%), medicines (3.07%), furniture (3.02%), aircraft (2.82%), plastics (2.49%) and precision instruments (2.27%). It is also worth mentioning iron and steel, chemicals, meat, clothing, cosmetics, fruit and vegetables, which also have their place on the list of most imported goods.

How long does it take to transport goods by sea from Poland to Qatar?

Sea freight forwarding times from Poland (Gdansk) to Qatar range from 46 to even 71 days. The fastest services in this direction are offered by shipowners such as ONE Line, Hapag-Lloyd and Evergreen. If you would like to check the current fastest freight service marine then come to us for an offer. 

Major ports in Qatar

In Qatar, container transport is carried out through two main seaports:

  1. Hamad Port: This is a major seaport that is located within Qatar, situated in the city of Al Wakrah. The Port of Hamad is a major seaport and is one of the largest and most modern ports in the Gulf region. It handles a variety of cargo traffic, including container ships, cargo ships, as well as other commercial and passenger vessels.
  2. Port of Ras Laffan: This port is located in the north of Qatar, in the Ras Laffan Industrial City region. It is mainly a terminal for the gas and petrochemical industries where loading takes place. The Port of Ras Laffan mainly handles LNG (liquid natural gas) tankers, which are Qatar's main export where they continue to the port of destination.

How much does it cost to export and import by sea to and from Qatar ?

The cost of exporting and importing by sea depends on the service and shipowner we choose. Also, prices at different times may vary. Therefore, contact us and you will receive an up-to-date quote for exporting or importing to Qatar. 

What containers are involved in shipping to Qatar?

The most common containers found in maritime transport are the 40 HC / 40 DV and 20 DV containers. In most cases, these are the containers that are used.

40 HC --> 67.3 CBM capacity

20 DV --> 32.3 CBM capacity

40 DV --> 76.3 CBM capacity

Concept of LCL and FCL in maritime transport

In maritime transport we can ship cargo FCL or FULL CONTAINER LOAD or LCL - LESS CONTAINER LOAD. FCL refers to full container quantities i.e. a whole container of goods, while LCL refers to all smaller loads under one container.

For LCL loads, the quantity of goods is given by the number of CBMs. For example 14 CBMs of goods.

The alternative to maritime cargo transport

The main alternative to sea transport is air transport cargo. Imports and exports by air to the country are often handled by the national airline Qatar Airways. Also, there is the option of transporting rail and road transport, however, it is very rarely used due to its high price. 

If you would like to quote and have your cargo transported with customs clearance and all forwarding procedures then please contact us. We offer LCL groupage transport and FCL full container transport. 

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