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01 Dec 2023
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01 Jul 2023
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China is a huge market where demand for all kinds of products can reach astronomical numbers. You only have to look at the number of products sold on Chinese shopping sites similar to allegro to see how big the Chinese market is. 

In this blog post, we would like to focus more on the transport of products to China, what this entails and how much it is estimated to cost. 

In order to transport a given load to China, we can do so via all modes of transport, i.e. sea, rail, air and road. 

Maritime transport will be the most popular here, mainly due to the most favourable price. In the case of sea or rail transport, the price of exports to China is very low due to the fact that containers that have arrived by rail or arrived by ship have to return to China again to be used again. 

Let us imagine a situation where a ship with 15 000 20-foot containers arrives in Poland, specifically in the port of Gdańsk. After unloading and discharging the cargo, the shipowner is left with empty containers which have to go back to China. The trade balance between China and Poland is several times larger in favour of China. Therefore, the containers sail empty, as Poland does not transport so many goods that they can sail filled. This is why the rates for sea and rail transport to China are so low because companies want to load anything even at a low rate so that it does not flow or go empty. 

Air transport from Poland to China

Air transport from Poland to China is the fastest option for transporting cargo, but also the most expensive. As far as the transport time is concerned, it will be from 3 to 9 days depending on the service we choose. It is worth inquiring about the transport time from our carrier. The flight itself takes a short period of time, but the 3-9 day period includes the delivery of the goods to the airport and then, after unloading at the destination, the delivery to the customer. As far as the price of transport to China by air is concerned, it can vary greatly, but we can estimate that it will be between USD 1 and USD 12 per kg of cargo. This is, of course, an estimate and may differ significantly from the real deal on the market, but it gives some idea of how much it might cost. 

Rail transport of containers from China
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Sea transport from Poland to China

Transport from Poland to China by sea is estimated to take around 36-42 days. It all depends on the selected shipowner and the destination port the ship will enter. Transport of goods by sea is also priced at the level of several hundred USD per container, we are of course talking about the freight price alone. However, exact costs should be checked with the logistics partner, who will provide us with all costs. Sea transports to China will most often be shipped from the port of Gdansk. However, Hamburg can also be considered in some cases. However, it all depends on where there is a better offer and service.

Rail transport from Poland to China 

Transport to China by rail takes about 12-20 days, it all depends on luck and how quickly the train manages to cover the route. You will never know exactly how many days such transport will take. It may be that the train will be sidelined for 1-2 days, other times it may smoothly travel the entire route. As far as the price of rail transport to China is concerned, freight alone is estimated to be around. several hundred USD, but again, this price is a strong estimate. It is best to contact a logistics company that will give you an accurate quote for such transport. Exports will depart from two locations, from the railway terminal in Warsaw or the terminal in Małaszewicze. 

Road transport from Poland to China

In the case of road transport, the transport time is about 20 days, but it is very dependent on how the route goes and whether any unforeseen events occur along the way. For this reason, it is very unpopular and not very good value for money. There are not many advantages to using it for exports to China. 


There are many options for transporting cargo from Poland to the Middle Kingdom. The choice of a particular means will depend most on our needs. For some goods, a short delivery time will be important, for others, the price may be the most important. If the loads are large and heavy, we will also choose sea or rail transport rather than air. Exporting to China also involves a great deal of paperwork, but this will soon be covered in our other article. 

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