Which PKD code to choose when importing from China?

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07 Mar 2024
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07 Mar 2024
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Importing from China has become a common way to source low-cost and diverse products for sale in the domestic market. However, before you start your import adventure, you need to understand which Polish Classification of Activities (PKD) to choose in order to correctly register your business. Choosing the right PKD is key to avoiding legal and administrative problems when importing. Below is some important information on how to choose a PKD when importing from China.

1. what is the Polish Classification of Activities (PKD)?

The Polish Classification of Activities is a system of codes used to identify the type of economic activity performed. Each company must assign itself a relevant PKD code when registering, which makes it easier for administrative bodies to track and analyse the various sectors of the economy.

2. Appropriate PKD code for imports from China

Before choosing a specific PAC code, it is worth considering what your company's main activity related to imports from China will be. Will it be a wholesaler, an online shop or perhaps a stationary shop. 

3. the PAC for a business that imports from China

Code 47.19.Z - 'Other retail trade in non-specialised shops

For an online shop with imported products from China, it is worth focusing on the PKD codes related to retail. For example, the code 47.19.Z - 'Other retail trade in non-specialised shops' may be appropriate. 

PKD code 47.91.Z - Retail sale via mail order houses or the Internet.

Code 47.91.Z covers retail sales via mail order houses or online. This is an important code for companies focusing on retailing through online or mail order shops.

PKD CODES beginning with 46. - codes related to wholesale trade 

Also, if you are considering wholesale trade it is worth entering a PKD that indicates this. Below are some PKD codes for wholesale trade for several branches of wholesale products. 

46.5 - Wholesale trade services of furniture, domestic appliances and household articles

  • 46.51.Z - "Wholesale of furniture"
  • 46.52.Z - "Wholesale of household appliances".
  • 46.53.Z - "Wholesale of household goods".

46.4 - Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications products

  • 46.41.Z - "Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications products".

46.8 - Wholesale of machinery, equipment and supplies

  • 46.81.Z - "Wholesale of machinery and equipment for mining, construction and civil engineering".

46.9 - Wholesale of miscellaneous goods

  • 46.90.Z - "Wholesale of various goods".

4 Summary

Choosing the right PAC codes is key to properly registering your Chinese import business. Think about what your company's main sphere of activity will be and tailor your choice of PAC codes to the specifics of the products or services you offer. 

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