Underwriters Laboratories verification - what is UL certification?

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24 May 2024
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24 May 2024
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UL certification is an internationally recognised safety certificate, awarded by an independent organisation Underwriters Laboratories (UL). UL's purpose is to ensure safety and consumer protection by conducting a series of tests and verifying that goods, objects or systems comply with applicable safety standards in the US and Canadian markets. The UL mark, i.e. the physical marking on a product, means that it has been subjected to controlled testing and meets all safety standards required by Underwriters Laboratories. Obtaining certification is often the first step for manufacturers of innovative products, as for many components used in electrical or construction equipment, a label with the UL symbol is mandatory.

Types of UL certificates and marks

UL labels provide the clearest evidence of compliance with standards and can be used in a variety of ways: as stick-on, embossed, moulded or screen-printed labels on products and their packaging.

UL offers two types of markings. The older of the two, the so-called Legacy UL Mark is described by UL as widely recognisable and effectively communicates the certification status. This mark comes in several variants:

  1. UL Listed - giving manufacturers not only confirmation of the superior quality of their product, but also the opportunity to test and apply the UL mark themselves to their goods.

  2. UL Recognized - authorisation mark. It confirms that components used in the manufacture of other products meet UL standards.

  3. UL Classified - applies to manufacturers that produce UL-compliant products and carry out additional tests to ensure safety standards.

  4. UL Verified - used for marketing and promotional purposes. Such a label confirms that the product used not only carries no risks, but also fulfils the manufacturer's promises. The UL Verified marking significantly increases the prestige of the product.


Comparison of UL marks: Listed, Recognized, Classified, Verified

However, UL is encouraging the use of an enhanced, smart certification system - Enhanced and Smart UL Marks. As products evolve and gain more and more certifications, this system allows the full range of certifications to be presented with a single mark.

UL intelligent sign system

Regardless of the option chosen, UL ensures that having their mark on the merchandise is very valuable. Why? Because it is the key to security and prestige!

Benefits of UL-certified labels

Underwriters Laboratories is a globally recognised company with many branches around the world. It is not surprising, then, that having UL certification brings Canadian and American businesses many benefits. After all, the certification is a symbol of high quality and compliance with safety standards, which translates into greater trust on the part of customers. Successful test results open up new prospects in the market. UL certification also significantly reduces the risk of accidents and other hazards associated with the use of the product.

How can you prepare for Underwriters Laboratories certification? 

It is worth thinking about UL certification at the early stages of product development. Remember that Underwriters Laboratories offers the opportunity to check that your product prototype meets their expectations. Such a solution can significantly offset the cost of final testing. 

Step 1. Make sure you have a good understanding of the requirements that your product will be required to meet. Find out as much as possible about the certification process, the formal requirements and the documents needed. To do so, take a look at the UL website, or contact your local customer service department. The Polish branch of UL has been in operation since 2005 and is located near Warsaw.

Step 2. Provide full product documentation, including details such as key components, product dimensions or power methods. Don't forget to send a sample of the product, with shipping requirements that may affect the project schedule and costs.

Step 3. UL will carry out a thorough technical assessment, including a review of documentation and verification of the goods' compliance with the relevant standards. Your product will undergo a series of laboratory tests to assess safety and performance. Meanwhile, UL specialists will carry out inspections at your production facilities, ensuring that your production processes are in line with requirements.

Step 4. If your product meets expectations, it will be honoured with a quality certificate. From then on, you will be able to display the UL mark on your products.

UL designations - summary

The presence of UL-certified labels plays a key role in the US and Canadian markets. The compatibility of products with UL requirements not only opens up numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs, but above all provides a guarantee of high quality and safety for a wide variety of products. It emphasises that tested goods comply with the applicable standards and can be used safely.

The trust that is gained in the eyes of customers and clients in turn translates into greater confidence and loyalty towards brands and manufacturers. For this reason, it makes sense to certify products. 

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