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21 May 2024
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19 Nov 2023
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Air transport is the fastest solution for transporting cargo from Poland to the USA. Compared to the transport of marine, although it may be a more expensive solution, its undeniable advantage is the significantly reduced delivery time. In today's global trading environment, where time often determines the success of logistics operations, air transport is becoming a key element to enable the dynamic exchange of goods between continents.

How long does it take to fly from Poland to the USA? 

Air transport from Poland to the USA takes between 2 and 9 days depending on the service we choose. There are many different solutions available on the market, which will vary in price. It is best to find out the latest rates directly from the shipping company.  

Costs and fees associated with air transport/export to the USA 

Prices for air transport to the USA are very dependent on the service you choose, the weight of the cargo, the destination and the time you want to ship your cargo. For this reason, the current cost of transport should be checked on a regular basis.

Air transport rates are calculated per kilogram of cargo. However, there are occasions when cargo weighs very little and takes up a lot of space by volume. For this reason, airlines have adopted the principle of calculating payable weight and actual weight. If the weight of the cargo on 1 CBM exceeds 167 kg, the actual weight, i.e. how much the cargo actually weighs, is used. However, if, for example, the cargo weighs 100 kg and occupies 1 CBM, the weight will not be calculated from the actual weight, but from the payable weight, i.e. we will pay for 167 kg.  

In air transport, the larger the cargo we send, the better the rates we can count on. The rate per kilo of cargo when shipping 1,000 kg will be much lower than when shipping 100 kg. 

What makes up the costs in air transport to the USA 

→ export clearance in PL 

→ airport costs in PL 

→ air freight Poland - USA 

→ airport costs in the USA  

→ Customs clearance in the USA  

→ Road transport from airport to customer warehouse in USA 

What goods are not allowed to be transported by air ? 

→ gases and dangerous goods 

→ batteries are subject to special restrictions

→ certain chemicals

Insurance for sea transport to the USA

When sending goods by air to the USA, it is advisable to take out Cargo Insurance, which will protect you against all risks associated with cargo damage. The cost of such insurance ranges, depending on the value of the goods, from several to even several hundred USD if the value of the cargo is very high.

US airports to receive the most cargo tonnage in 2021  

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