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01 Dec 2023
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31 May 2023
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China Homelife Trade Fair of Chinese Manufacturers 2023 poster

The first day of the China Home Life Poland Fair began today. The fair will run from 31 May to 2 June 2023. Together with the Homelife fair is the China Machinex fair, which mainly focuses on machinery produced in the Middle Kingdom.

The fair has around 500 Chinese exhibitors offering their products. This year, the fair was divided into categories: textiles and clothing, building materials, household appliances, industrial machinery, consumer electronics and energy and electricity. 

In addition to the physical companies available, there will be a platform where a Chinese company can be contacted. 

According to the organisers, the platform offers 2400 exhibitors and 1400 Chinese manufacturers . Of course, it is possible to make appointments with the companies concerned by using the platform and having an online meeting. 

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Chinese partners often encourage us to view the products they offer. It is worth having a whatsapp application in this case where our partner can send a catalogue and we can continue the conversation. 

At some of the stands, manufacturers have prepared their products where we can see their performance and quality. This is very helpful, and it is worth establishing direct relationships with partners because of the discounts we can receive in the future with a better relationship. 

If language is a barrier, it is possible to hire an interpreter to help you communicate with your chosen Chinese partner. There will be a matchmaking zone where meetings with translators will take place. 

A platform has also been established 020, which makes it easy to connect with Chinese partners. The organiser cites the following advantages from using the app: 

  • getting to know all China Home Life suppliers before the fair
  • more than 300 top manufacturers
  • easy access to the latest products
  • possibility to arrange private meetings with producers
  • access to special offers
  • direct contact with suppliers
  • access to more than 50,000 best offers
  • the platform operates 365 days a year
  • One-click meeting organisation 
  • A translation system that works in more than 100 languages

All in all, the fair will continue until 2 June, an opportunity to establish valuable business relationships and see market trends. Often, new products are promoted at the fair which are yet to enter Poland. We have a case in point here with disposable electronic cigarettes, which were already available at the fair some time ago and will appear in Polish shops in some time. 

Entry to the fair is free and can be picked up by clicking on the link below:
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