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21 May 2024
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29 Apr 2024
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Poland exported $860 million worth of goods to Saudi Arabia in 2022. The main products exported from Poland to Saudi Arabia were Turning Cigarettes ($241 million), Shaving Blades ($56.6 million) and Baked Goods ($54.5 million). Over the past 27 years, Poland's exports to Saudi Arabia have grown at an average annual rate of 10.1%, from $63.3 million in 1995 to $860 million in 2022. For many Polish companies, the Saudi Arabian market seems to be very interesting, the largely commodity-driven economy is very receptive to new products and solutions. Many industries are choosing to open offices in the country or find intermediaries interested in selling products from Poland in exchange for commissions. 

Below is an illustration of the GDP of Saudi Arabia's economy from 1987 to 2028. 

Saudi Arabia's GDP 1987-2028. 

How long does it take to ship from Poland to Saudi Arabia by sea?

Freight marine between Poland and Saudi Arabia ranges from 17 to 49 days. Of great importance in the time discrepancy is the service and the shipowner we choose. There are services that cover the route from Gdansk to Jeddah in 17 days, but there are also longer voyages lasting 28 days or even 49 days. Transport times as we see them can vary significantly. It is important that, as an exporter, we find a reliable partner who, as a professional forwarder, will guide us through the entire forwarding process, including customs clearance and will take care of the formalities. 

Largest ports in Saudi Arabia

The largest ports in Saudi Arabia are:

  1. Jeddah Islamic Port (Jeddah Islamic Port) - It is the largest seaport in Saudi Arabia, located on the Red Sea. It mainly handles containers and bulk cargo.
  2. Riyadh Port (King Abdulaziz Port) - Located in Jeddah, the Port of Riyadh is one of the most important seaports in the country. It handles containers, oil and petrochemical products.
  3. Damman Port (King Abdulaziz Port) - Also known as Port Damman, this seaport is a key point in the Eastern Saudi Arabia region. It mainly handles containerised cargo and crude oil.
  4. Port Jubail (King Fahd Industrial Port) - Located near the city of Dammam, Jubail Port is one of the largest industrial ports in Saudi Arabia. It mainly handles bulk cargo and petrochemical products.
  5. Yanbu Commercial Port (Yanbu Commercial Port) - Located on the Red Sea, the port of Yanbu is an important commercial centre for the region. It handles container cargo, fuel oil and industrial products.

How much does shipping to Saudi Arabia cost ?

It all depends on what type of transport you are interested in. Whether you want to transport a 20 DV, 40 DV or 40 HC container, or perhaps a LCL general cargo consisting of several pallets. It is best to send us a direct enquiry with your cargo details for an up-to-date price. Prices may change over time, so it is always good to have a fresh quote. 

What containers are involved in shipping to Saudi Arabia:

The most common containers found in maritime transport are the 40 HC / 40 DV and 20 DV containers. In most cases, these are the containers that are used.

40 HC --> 67.3 CBM capacity

20 DV --> 32.3 CBM capacity

40 DV --> 76.3 CBM capacity

Concept of LCL and FCL in maritime transport

In maritime transport we can ship cargo FCL or FULL CONTAINER LOAD or LCL - LESS CONTAINER LOAD. FCL refers to full container quantities i.e. a whole container of goods, while LCL refers to all smaller loads under one container.

For LCL loads, the quantity of goods is given by the number of CBMs. For example 14 CBMs of goods.

Alternative to sea transport

The export of goods from Poland to Saudi Arabia is mainly carried out by sea freight forwarding or road transport. There are special cargo lines and airlines that allow goods to be delivered to their destination by air transport within a few days. However, it all depends on the service and the airline one chooses. Saudi Arabia has airports such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Damam, Jizan and Mecca. The export of goods from Poland to Saudi Arabia is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the area of product exports. If you are interested in transporting goods to Saudi Arabia, please fill in the form and we will get back to you within a few hours. 

If you would like to offer your products to the Saudi Arabian market then come to us. We know the transport market inside out and have already helped our clients export or import in many sectors and countries. We offer transport by sea, rail, air and road. 

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