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15 Jan 2024
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15 Jan 2024
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Transport fairs held in Poland are a very good opportunity to share your knowledge and experience gathered over many years in the TSL industry. Such events are also a great place to exchange these experiences with other participants, as well as an opportunity to learn about new solutions in the field of international and domestic transport. The beginning of the year is the ideal time to plan your participation in the most important TSL events to be held in Poland. When, where and which trade fairs will be organised in 2024? 

Intralogistica Poland EXPO

The international trade fair for warehouse logistics, Intralogistica Poland EXPO, will take place from 24-26 January and is dedicated primarily to those who are professionally involved in both logistics and the storage of various goods. The event is attended by exhibitors connected with warehouse technology, designers, representatives of manufacturing companies and wholesalers, as well as transport and forwarding companies. Intralogistic Poland EXPO will certainly not be missed by those who are responsible for warehouse and logistics management in their companies. 

For those who will go to the international warehouse logistics trade fair at Ptak Warsaw EXPO, it is a great place to learn about new technologies, software or systems supporting the automation of logistics and warehouses. During as many as three days of the fair, there will be numerous lectures, training sessions and conferences conducted by people from the TSL industry. Thanks to this event, both trade visitors and the exhibitors themselves will have an excellent opportunity to update their knowledge of logistics and warehousing of goods. 

Warsaw MTTSL Expo

The International Trade Fair for Transport, Forwarding and Logistics MTTSL Expo, to be held on 9-11 April at Ptak Warsaw Expo, is another TSL industry event worth seeing. Just like the above-described trade fair, this one will be an opportunity to share your knowledge and experience gained over the years. In addition, it will also be a great opportunity to establish new contacts and perhaps professional partnerships. The International MTTSL Expo will host companies that operate mainly in water, land, rail and air transport. Distribution companies and manufacturers of semi-trailers, tractors as well as owners of petrol stations often present their offers. 

The MTTSL Expo is very popular with exhibitors and visitors. This can be confirmed by the fact that last year almost 150 exhibitors and 5,000 visitors took part. During the three days of the TSL industry event, it was possible to attend lectures featuring, among others, the Chief Inspector of Road Transport Alvin Gajadhur. An interesting picture of the development of Polish transport, logistics and freight forwarding was presented by Piotr Mikiel, who is a member of the Association of International Road Carriers.


Modernlog is a trade fair for warehousing and transport logistics that attracts many exhibitors and visitors every year. In 2024, the event will take place in June from 4 to 7. The fair is dedicated in particular to those who are involved in the logistics industry. Very often, innovative solutions from the fields of digitisation, automation and services to support the optimisation of warehouse and logistics processes are presented at them. Among the exhibitors, there will certainly be entrepreneurs involved in the production and distribution of various types of equipment used in warehouses, WMS systems, software, identification technology, as well as companies that provide logistics consultancy.

It is worth noting that, in addition to Polish exhibitors, foreign entrepreneurs also come to the fair, which last year accounted for more than half of all exhibitors. During the event, it will be possible to take part in the Smart Warehouse conference, which lasts for two days, and a live machine demonstration in the Innovation for Logistics Industry zone.

Intermodal in Poland

On 12-14 June 2024, in turn, the Intermodal in Poland trade fair will take place, which is dedicated to the narrower branch of TSL, more specifically intermodal transport. This will be the fourth meeting of specialists in this industry. Importantly, the trade fair will be attended not only by companies specialising in intermodal transport, but also by representatives of local authorities, universities and state administration. Issues such as the role of intermodal transport in Poland, the prospects for development and the challenges that await entrepreneurs in the near future will be discussed. 

Last year, almost 400 people took part in the fair, including carriers, providers of innovative IT solutions, port and terminal managers and logistics operators. An attraction for those attending the event will be the opportunity to visit the Małaszewicze Transhipment Area. This region is called the dry port of Europe and is an extremely important point on the map that marks the New Silk Road.

TransLogistica Poland

At the end of the year, there will be yet another event for those working in or interested in the forwarding, transport and logistics industry. We are talking about TransLogistica Poland, an event that is regarded as the most important trade fair for the TSL industry in Central and Eastern Europe. Participation in the international trade fair for transport and logistics is an excellent opportunity, above all for carriers, who can learn about modern solutions which improve the functioning of their business. There is something of interest for everyone at TransLogistica. Exhibitions range from services for refuelling and road tolls, liquidity support to freight exchanges and telematic solutions. The trade fair will take place from 5 to 7 November. In 2023, 400 exhibitors participated in this fair and almost half of them came from abroad. Around 10,000 people visited the halls over the three days. These impressive figures show that this is one of the most important events in the transport, logistics and forwarding industry in Poland.

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